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It shouldn't be this hard

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You know you should do it

It's not like you haven't tried but you end up back to square one every time.

You want to do it. You know it's good for you. You know it's possible.

So why is it so hard to work out consistently? Lack of self-discipline? Or is it something else?

Hint: the use of the words should and shouldn't is your first clue.

Thanks to the latest research,

you'll find out which of the following strategies help or harm your resolutions:

  • powering-through,
  • setting up rewards,
  • establishing goals.

It's time to start the journey to consistency as a lifestyle. No super-human will-power necessary.

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Seeking a

Tae Kwon Do: an Ideal Choice

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This time will be different

You WILL keep your resolution. You WILL work out consistently.

Does this sound familiar?

Then life gets in the way, you are exhausted. The last thing you want to do is a boring workout.

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You're not alone. No time, no energy, no motivation: these are top reasons people stop working out.

But aren't these just excuses? Shouldn't we be able to grit our teeth and Just Do It?

Guess what? "Just do it" just doesn't do it.

It's time to stop beating yourself up. All that does is make it even less likely you'll work out because the very thought of working out conjures up bad feelings.

You end up in a place tortured by both guilt and inactivity.

Hi, I'm Yat-Yee Chong

I have always struggled to stick to a consistent workout. No matter how hard I worked to create a habit, it would be disrupted easily by illness or travel.

Until I stumbled onto Tae Kwon Do.

The Reason? It engages me.

It isn't boring. I don't have to struggle to go to class. The martial arts world is huge and fascinating and available to not only lifelong athletes but regular people like me.

Why haven't I tried before? I had rejected it without even trying because of my old misconceptions,

If you've never considered martial arts before, I invite you to experience first hand what it could be. You may be pleasantly surprised.

picture of an Asian woman in martial arts uniform
Yes! I'd love to explore TKD!

Hi, I'm Yat-Yee Chong

Middle-aged Asian woman in martial arts uniform and black belt

And I know the torturous combination of guilt and inactivity well. That is, until I started Tae Kwon Do.

It is the only activity that has kept me working out consistently.

The Reason?

Martial arts engaged my mind.

It wasn't boring and repetitive; 5 minutes did not feel like 50. In fact, it was often the other way round.

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What if it's not your lack of willpower?

What is the problem is the workout ? What if you found something that doesn't require distraction from the boredom with music?

What if you could find an exercise that is engaging so you'd want to do it?

That's what martial arts did for me. It could do that for you too.

Think martial arts is not for you?

Neither did I.

Yet here I am today, a 4th degree Black Belt, World Champion, and a certified instructor with students who have become Black Belts.

If this bookworm who never considered herself athletic found meaningful progress and fulfillment in training, most people who dismissed martial arts would do well to reconsider.

Don't shut the door on something you haven't tried. What did that ad say? "This is not your father's Oldsmobile." Well, this is not your father's (or brother's or uncle's) martial arts training.

Yat-Yee Chong

4th Degree Black Belt and Certified Instructor

American TaeKwonDo Association



"Mrs. Chong always teaches with kindness, patience, and respect. She is flexible and accommodating with the method of teaching. She is a wealth of knowledge. I am so grateful for the time I had with her as my teacher."

— Jordan Clutter
Fort Collins

To receive this honor in our first year of operation is so encouraging. Thank you, Northern Colorado!

"My son and I have benefited greatly from Mrs. Chong's instruction in martial arts over the past decade. She has an uncanny ability to pinpoint areas of technique and to demonstrate and explain exactly how to improve them."

— Kathy Sigda
Fort Collins

We are located in North Loveland just off Highway 287 near Texas Serious BBQ, between Walmart and Esh's Grocery Store.

Tucked behind a stand of trees is a building with the sign "SPRING 44". Axon Martial Arts Academy is housed in the same building.