Despite what is shown on popular media, martial arts does not usually involve gravity-defying flying kicks, straddling two vehicles in splits, or car-waxing, bonsais, and crane pose.

The secret is out. Tae Kwon Do is good for people of any age because of its true benefits:

  • mental focus,
  • healthy lifestyle
  • balance, mobility, and functional strength

The majority of new practitioners seek those  goals much more than mad karate skillz.  

The increase in the number of Tae Kwon Do students who start training as adults over the last two decades exemplifies this trend and it shows no sign of abating.

Having begun training in my 40s, I can say un equivocally, that martial arts is not only viable for adults, but ideal.


6 adult men and women martial arts students

Every adult  starts in the Foundations program. You you will learn

  • Tae Kwon Do technique and forms
  • basic self defense
  • traditional and combat-weapon sparring

Adult Students who have been in the Foundations program for at least three months are welcome to consider the Prime program.

Testings for rank advancements and graduations take place about every 8 weeks. Progress checks are scheduled at 3-month intervals

Two women in karate uniform smiling at the camera
A group of adults outdoors

picture of an Asian woman in a ready position

I started Tae Kwon Do  in my 40s and it has done for me what other programs could not:

kept me motivated and challenged to work out consistently.

The reasons?

  • It  engages my mind as much as my muscles.
  • The practice is so vast that I could find meaningful goals of excellence that is within my abilities as well as providing challenges for me to keep improving.
  • A  practice that combines the best features of a solo and team sport.  It is a personal pursuit within a supportive community with occasional friendly competition thrown in.

None of us needs to be convinced that regular exercise is essential for the sake of our physical and mental health.  

But how? Gyms workouts are boring. Working out alone requires superhuman willpower. So many trendy workouts are designed for hard-core gym rats.

Research shows that the type of workout and the social environment play huge roles .

To optimize your chance of successfully establishing a workout routine:

  • Choose a workout that allows you to experience and measure improvements on a regular basis. Going too long without any success can be very discouraging
  • Work out with other people. Yes, that goes for introverts as well. Humans are social beings and being in a supportive group that offers encouragement as well as accountability will keep motivation high.

That is why I created a welcoming place for adult women so that beginners feel safe to try out this sport that has never been traditionally geared towards us.


I coined the term "warrior-heart" because it represents so many women. We have all lived through experiences that required strength and stamina and grit. But much of that has taken place inside, in our hearts. An much of it has been done for others.

I invite you to bring your warrior-hearts to Axon Academy where your invisible battle scars are acknowledged, and where you can be your own warrior selves.


Every student enrolled in the Foundations Program who  desires more advanced training and is ready for a higher level of commitment is invited to apply.

Prime students attend an extra class every week  in addition to their TKD classes.

Tae Kwon Do tournament winners

Every Prime student gets one private lesson every quarter.  You will not find this level of individualized attention in comparable programs in other schools. The exclusive curriculum includes

  • additional and more in-depth training in martial arts-- weapons, advance kicks, extreme martial arts
  • exploration of related topics such as Primal Movement, dynamic stretching, and functional fitness
  • master-mind for peer support and accountability

In addition, Legacy students are eligible to earn championship titles.  Any student can compete at tournaments but those enrolled in the program can earn and accumulate points which can lead to State, District, or even World titles.

On a side note: perhaps you don't think you're interested in titles but keep an open mind.  Until I started TKD, I did not consider myself an athlete but 6 years after I started competing, I earned a World Championship title. So, you never know!

Students register one year at a time with progress checks at least every 6 months to determine if the program continues to be a good fit.

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