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Yat-Yee Chong
Master's Degree in Pedagogy and 30+ years of teaching experience

When my children’s martial arts instructor first invited me to take a class, I laughed.

You see, my identity was that of a bookworm, a music nerd. I grew up a fan of martial arts films, but I thought martial arts was only for the gifted.

Women Tae Kwon Do champions

My instructor persisted, and I eventually took the leap.

It was one of my best decisions.​​

  • It awakened my inner athlete.
  • It proved that I could develop physical skills even in my 40s.
  • It led me to shed the self-image of a clumsy and sedentary person.
  • It provided a structure for me to achieve goals I'd never dreamed of: earning a Black Belt and even a World Champion title.

It gave me a chance to train alongside my children, gifting me with many shared lifelong memories.

I want to share what Tae Kwon Do has done for my family with you.  Schedule a free exploratory session to see if Axon Academy is a good fit for your family.

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