How Axon Martial Arts Academy is keeping its students safe during COVID-19

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Safety Protocol during COVID-19

To make sure that students who attend in-person classes are kept safe, Axon Martial Arts Academy and the Loveland Dance Academy have put the following protocol in place:

Check-in Procedure

Every student gets their temperature checked and hand sanitized before entering the building. During class, students may be asked to sanitize their hands periodically.

Traffic Flow

Everyone enters through the door from the parking lot and exits the door that leads onto Lincoln Ave. Floors are marked to ensure single-direction traffic flow.

Face Coverings

Masks are worn by everyone who enter the building and stay on the entire time. Students who need a breather may sit at assigned spots and rest.

Minimizing High-Touch Surfaces

Doors are propped open to prevent door handles from being contaminated. Only one student in the bathroom so bathroom doors remain open. Barres are taped off.

Cleaning Between Classes

The floors are mopped between classes and. The only training equipment used is what can be used in appropriate distances and they will be wipe down before and after each use. Other areas that might have been touched are wiped down with disinfectant wipes.

Students Procedure

Spots are marked clearly inside the studios, hallway, and the area just outside the front door. Students bring a bag to put their shoes in that they bring into the studio and place in marked spots. During class, students remain in distances at least 6 feet apart.

Parents and Visitors

Parents are asked for wait outside the building. Students who are three and under may be accompanied by one parent. No visitors allowed.

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