Axon Martial Arts Academy

picture of Asian woman Tae Kwon Do uniform


The comprehensive curriculum offered at Axon Martial Arts Academy is based on Songahm Tae Kwon Do. It includes forms, weapons, sparring, life skills, and self-defense.

Whether you are athletically-inclined or an indoor-enthusiast, you will find Axon Martial Arts to be an environment that allows you to progress at your own pace.


Axon Martial Arts Academy offers 6-week classes that are stand-alone--i.e. you won't have to be a Tae Kwon Do student--on self defense, active stretching, and joyful movement.

Tae Kwon Do-themed birthday parties are a hit with children of all ages, especially when the birthday child cuts the cake with a sword! Wine-tasting and spa treatments are not the only women's night-out choices. Axon's very own Crouching Diva, Hidden Goddess is a unique event you won't forget.

In addition to these classes, owner Yat-Yee Chong brings her pedagogy expertise to present dynamic workshops and seminars to organizations for team-building and leadership-training.



TKD for everyone

Every Tae Kwon Do student begins in the 6-month Foundations program. From there, students choose the program that most fits their needs:

  • Kids ages 4-6 continue in the Tigers program.
  • Kids ages 7-12 continue in the Karate for Kids program, or if they are ready for a higher level of training, the Leadership program,
  • The teens and adults program is available to students 13 and up. These students may opt for the Prime program, which includes additional classes and curriculum.
  • Axon Martial Arts is proud to be one of very few training facilities that offers women-only classes for those 40- 65 year wise: Warrior-heart Women. If they wish to pursue more training, Prime is the program for them.
  • Aside from classes that are organized by ages, Axon Martial Arts offers family classes so that everyone in the family can make use of their limited spare time to learn together and create memories.


TKD-related classes and events

Self-Defense for Women and Girls: In this 6-week stand-alone program, students practice self-defense skills to train their reflexes.

Active Stretching for Wise Women: Women who have traded youth for wisdom will improve their functional mobility in this class.

Joyful Movement for Preschoolers: young children love to move. In this class. that's what they do!

Birthday Parties
Crouching Diva, Hidden Goddess
Birthday parties complete with a cake-cutting sword and Axon's exclusive women's night-out event, Crouching Diva, Hidden Goddess, are available to be scheduled.

Owner Yat-Yee Chong is also available for off-site events such as speaking at school assemblies and conducting seminars and workshops for organizations on team-building and leadership.