The Foundations Program is the core of Axon Martial Arts Academy. It is a 6-month membership program for students in whichever class: family class, kids class, or women's class.

Students learn the basics of Tae Kwon Do techniques and forms, self-defense, beginning sparring, and for kids, life-skills.

At the end of the 6-month training, students will be able to execute 4 to 5 kicks, numerous blocks and strikes with accurate technique. They will have learned and performed 1-3 complete forms and have some basic sparring skills. Most will have advanced in at least one rank, typically 2 - 3.

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The ATA Leadership program is an add-on program for students who desire to reach for a higher level in their training.  It is by invitation only. This program offers extra and exclusive TKD and weapons training.​

The biggest benefits of this is the training in life skills in addition to those in the Foundations program such as community and citizenship; leadership skills such as public speaking and types of leaders; and opportunities to become apprentice instructors.

Leadership students are eligible to win points at ATA tournaments for a chance to win state, district, and world titles


For students who have mastered the ATA Leadership Program and are looking for more, the ATA Legacy Program is the top level of training offered.

The most important element of this program is for Legacy students to learn how to pass their knowledge onto others and create their own Legacy.

It is the perfect blend of personal development and physical training sought by the elite martial arts athlete.


Martial arts is often practiced as an individual sport. Axon Academy offers Demo Team and Sparring Team for students who wish to be part of a team. Both programs are by audition only.

Demo Team students rehearse a choreographed piece set to music that they perform at testings and community events as well as compete at tournaments.

Sparring Team students participate in a special team sparring event at local and National tournaments in which the outcome of a competition depends on the whole team. Team members are expected to increase their athletic training for stamina and skills.


This is a 12-week program for women 45-65 who want a longer time to determine if Axon Martial Arts Academy's program is right for them.

It could be a stand-along program but at the completion, most students enroll in the Foundations Program.

Currently offered as an in-person or virtual class. Only 7 students maximum because of space limitation due to social distancing.

Next session begins Jan 12th, 2021.


This is a 6 week stand-alone program for women who want a dedicated time to learn and practice self-defense.

Students are welcome to enroll in this program along with the Women's Intro or the Women's Foundations Program.

COVID-19 has necessitated extra safety protocols to be put in place. Participants are asked to bring a partner to practice close contact drills. Each class is limited to 9 participants and 1 instructor. Sign up before classes fill up.