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The Foundations Program is the core of Axon Martial Arts Academy. It is a 6-month membership program for students in whichever class: family class, kids class, or women's class.

Students learn the basics of Tae Kwon Do techniques and forms, self-defense, beginning sparring, and for kids, life-skills.

At the end of the 6-month training, students will be acquired numerous physical and life skills. Most will have advanced in at least one rank, typically 2 - 3.

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For kids ready for more training


The Leadership program is for young student who desires a higher level of training.  It is by invitation only. This program offers extra and exclusive TKD and weapons training.​

The biggest benefits of this is the training are leadership skills such as public speaking, habit-building, citizenship, and service.

Leadership students are eligible to win points at ATA tournaments for a chance to win state, district, and world titles

For adults who want a higher level of training


The Foundation Plus program is for the adult student ready to take on more TKD training, as well as explore other styles of movements, including Primal Movement and functional fitness.

This program offers elements of a master mind for members: peer support, accountability, and the sharing of the diverse and rich expertise of our adult students.

Additional group and private classes are included.

For teens and adults eager to create their legacy


The Legacy program is for students who have been in the Leadership or Foundations-Plus programs for at least a year, who want to learn how to pass their knowledge onto others and create their legacy.

Students in this program will continue with their training in TKD and Leadership/Foundations-Plus and take on responsibilities in hands-on training in assisting and teaching in class.

Legacy students can earn instructor collars.

Stand-alone program


This is an ongoing, stand-alone program. Currently, it is offered as a virtual-only class. Enrollment in other programs is encouraged but not necessary.

Suitable for women of all ages but especially for those who are 45 and wiser. The purpose is not enhancing athletic performance but injury-prevention and functional movement.

Stand-alone program


This 8-week stand-alone program is for women who want to practice self-defense regularly. Enrollment in other programs is encouraged but not necessary.

Because of the extra safety protocols necessitated by COVID-19, participants are asked to bring a partner to practice close contact drills. Each class is limited to 9 participants and 1 instructor.