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Ready for New Ways to Savor Life?

And get fit while doing it?

Access two powerhouse activities for optimal health at Axon Academy: martial arts and music. 

Human have always known the power of music. Modern studies confirm this intuition in areas as diverse as brain function, stress release, pain management, and even empathy.

Martial arts is an excellent full-body exercise that also requires mental focus. 

Each is powerful. When combined: the sky is the limit!


The Axon program

helps you get in shape while

strengthening your mind-body connection.

The curriculum is never dull and will keep you engaged.

The times


They're a'changing.


The 21st Century is a time of rapid changes. To thrive, we must be open and adaptable.

One of the most important skills today is the ability to communicate and solve problems in diverse domains.

Over-specialization has had its time. The age of multi-expertise is here. 


Axon Academy is where you and your family can prepare for all the new opportunities of this new age.

The Axon program strengthens the mind-body connection

and is a great way to get in shape.

The curriculum is never dull and will keep you engaged.

I have no previous experience

I am not coordinated

I have no stamina

I am not flexible

I am tone deaf

I can't sing

I'd feel embarrassed

I'm too old

I can't learn new things

Train at Axon

You will gain experience,




and the ability

to hear and make music.

You will feel acceptance,

realize you're not too old.

You will believe

you can most definitely can learn new things. 

are ready for something new

are willing to learn

are ready to move

are ready to be engaged

want to be spontaneous

want to have fun

want to understand music better

want a dedicated "me" time

want to destress


It's a struggle

To stick to a fitness routine, isn't it? All those miles on the treadmill going nowhere. It just seems so meaningless. 

As for personal trainers: even if we can afford one, we'd still be doing the same exercises anyway. 

The lack of accountability and boredom are the main reasons adults don't have a regular fitness routine. 

But it doesn't have to be this way.


Mrs. Chong always teaches with kindness, patience, and respect.

Jordan Clutter

It's all about community

Working out with like- minded people makes it much more enjoyable.  Sharing experiences on the mat has given rise to many lifelong friendships.