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ATA Leadership Program

The ATA Leadership Program offers students personal development through advanced training programs to accelerate their martial arts as well as leadership skills. These skills will enhance their educational and professional careers.


By invitation only

Students enrolled in the Foundations Program who show desire and readiness for a higher level of training are invited. At Axon Martial Arts, we believe that everyone can be a leader. What we look for is readiness, which is shown by attitude, engagement level, openness.


3-year add-on program

The leadership program offers an unparalleled curriculum in its depth and breadth. We want leadership student to have enough time absorb the content. Most students stay on after the initial 3 years.


Exclusive curriculum

The curriculum includes additional training in martial arts-- weapons, advance kicks--and leadership skills such as public speaking, citizenship, habit-formation.


Championship titles

Leadership students earn points when they place in tournaments and are eligible to win state, district, and world titles.



When leadership students earn their black belts, they are eligible to add to their leadership training by becoming apprentice instructors. Many leadership student go on to train at an even higher level offered by the ATA Legacy Program.

How would a student get invited?

Listen to what Leadership Students say:

Megan Jones
3rd Degree Black Belt

Natalie Andeson
2nd Degree Black Belt

How does a student qualify?


Leadership training not only equips students with the essential skills that help them succeed but also provides one of the most valuable benefits that I have seen: strong friendships between students.

When kids experience the physical, emotional, and social changes starting in middle school, the stability offered by these friendships often provide a haven.

2 friends smiling brightly